I’m mostly a red wine girl.  I like the occasional Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Blanc, but lately, we’ve been mixing the margaritas around here!

I never liked Tequila very much, but found it could be quite tasty blended into a proper Margarita.  The more margaritas I tried, the more I was hooked.  As I started to appreciate the finer margaritas with the finer ingredients, I realized how many crappy margaritas are being served out there. There is no excuse for a crappy margarita.  It can be made simply and well even with mid-grade tequila (did I just say that?)–all you need is the right mix.

I’m not very good in the kitchen, but give me a blender and some tequila and I can do all right.  I even venture out of the tequila realm and whirr a few other concoctions.  If you are around, I’m very June Cleaver about mixing and serving, so stop by, share your wisdom, your woes and your margarita secrets.  Some women scrapbook, I dabble in the blender arts–sometimes even wine, cocktails and shots, too.

I’m married to a brave man who is not afraid to try both my cooking and my liquid concoctions.  We have three kids that range in age from 6 to 11–they are great kids, but trying to keep up with their hectic pace makes cocktail hour a necessity for me on Fridays.  They actually introduced me to the Margaritaville margaritarator in the Sky Mall catalogue while we were on a trip, “Mommy, you need this!”

I’m turning 40 soon, and as I get older, I don’t have the time, stamina or patience for hangovers and overindulgence.  Just give me one delicious margarita to enjoy and I’m happy.  It’s akin to the grown-up version of a lemon-lime Mister Misty when made with the margaritarator.

I recently decided I might become a professional Tender of the Bar.  Stay tuned to see what happens with this idea…  

I think it’s the journey and the destination that makes like interesting, so I plan to have fun on the way to where I’m going–and my glass is always half full, hope yours is, too.



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  • 1. Lynda  |  July 11, 2008 at 11:14 pm

    If you become Tender of the Bar I hope you write all about it so all of us armchair-mixologists can vicariously imbibe in your experience.


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